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Sanitary Check Valve

The stainless steel sanitary check valve is applied in stainless steel piping system to stop the backflow of liquid.

Working Principle
1. If the pressure below the valve stem surpasses the pressure above plus the spring force, the valve will open.
2. It will close, if the pressure above the valve stem equals the pressure below.
3. When a higher reverse pressure acts on the stem, the sanitary check valve will be closed.

1. Contact surface between the product and medium: 304 or 316L
2. Seal: EPDM

Types of Connecting Pipes or Equipment
1. Weld, thread, clamp or flange
2. Conform to DN11850, IDF/ISO and SMS international standards, so as to be applied in conjunction with any imported equipment

Technical Parameters
1. Differential pressure for opening valve: 0.08bar (when the valve is installed in a vertical pipe)
2. Maximum Pressure for material transmission: 10bar
3. Maximum Temperature: 140℃ (EPDM)
4. Minimum Temperature: -10℃

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