The stainless steel stop valve is strict with its body material, which can be 310, 304, 316, and so forth. The valve is widely applied in chemical, vessel, food and other industries. It may be separated into manual, pneumatic and automatic stop valves.

The valve stem is perpendicular to the sealing side of the valve seat. Through the handle, the valve can be opened or closed with short stroke, and switched off completely. So the valve is perfect for cutting off or controlling materials, and supposed to be installed horizontally.

Once the valve opens, the sealing sides of the seat and disk will dissociate, which leads to less mechanical wear. Since the seats and disks of most stop valves are easy to repair, or sealing components can be renewed directly with no need of dismantling the valve, the valve is suitable for welding with pipelines. The altered flow direction results in higher flow resistance.

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